ambient temperature

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ambient temperature

Etymology: L, ambi, around, temperatura
the temperature of the environment.

am·bi·ent tem·per·a·ture

(ambē-ĕnt tempĕr-ă-chŭr)
The overall level of heat or cold in an environment.

ambient temperature

The surrounding temperature or that present in the place, site, or location indicated.
See also: temperature


the degree of sensible heat or cold, expressed in terms of a specific scale. See also hypothermia, hyperthermia.

absolute temperature
that reckoned from absolute zero (−459.67°F or −273.15°C).
air temperature
the temperature of the surrounding air as measured by a dry-bulb thermometer.
ambient temperature
temperature of the immediate environment.
body temperature
a prime technique for assessing health status of a patient. Always a rectal temperature. Average temperatures above which hyperthermia, pyrexia or fever can be said to occur are listed under pyrexia.
critical temperature
1. that below which a gas may be converted to a liquid by pressure.
2. the environmental temperature at which the body is unable to maintain a constant body temperature and at which heat production must be increased (cold temperatures) or at which heat loss must be increased (high temperatures).
effective temperature
the combination of air temperature, humidity and wind speed. See also temperateness index.
environmental temperature
air temperature.
nonpermissive temperature
one at which a conditional gene mutation is nonfunctional. See also temperature-sensitive mutation.
normal body temperature
that usually registered by a healthy animal. See pyrexia.
permissive temperature
one at which a conditional gene mutation can express its normal function. See also temperature-sensitive mutation.
premortal temperature fall
the sudden fall in body temperature of a previously fevered animal just before death.
rectal temperature
the body temperature as measured by a rectal thermometer which has been in situ and in contact with the mucosa of the rectum with the anal sphincter tightly closed for at least 30 seconds. Alternative equipment is a dipolar electrode in a rectal probe.
temperature stress
exposure to excessively high or low environmental temperature.
windchill temperature
a combination of wind velocity and air temperature. See also effective temperature (above).
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Ambient temperature exceeded 14[degrees]C for 50% of the time at the weather station in Isabella from 15 June-15 October, 2009 (Fig.
The least and highest pH values were observed at the fully-red and breaker stages of tomatoes (in both cultivars) ripened in the field but this is not the case for the ambient temperature condition.
Ambient temperatures and body temperatures did not differ between forest and edges ([F.
However, pulsed mode operation will have an advantage of reduced sensitivity to ambient temperature fluctuations of the surrounding medium.
The compression and tensile strengths of molding sand tested at elevated temperatures are not comparable to strength data generated at ambient temperatures.
To test this theory in humans, I worked with Omar Eldakar to conduct a field-observational experiment that explored the relationship between ambient temperature and yawning frequency.
Working with collaborators from Monash University and the CSIRO, the researchers showed that at a range of ambient temperatures (23-30 degree C) bees displayed a significant preference for feeding from artificial flowers that presented nectar-like solution that was warmer than the ambient temperature.
While standards bodies require users to compensate for fluid temperature variation, ambient temperature variations cause transmitter output shifts, including the transmitter used to compensate for density changes in linear meters such as ultrasonic or turbine meters.
1) was used to measure oxidation kinetics of a passenger tire beltcoat compound over a wide temperature range, including ambient temperature.
Artificial muscles can remove the need for cams and actuate based on engine characteristics, or ambient temperature or power vs.
Each participant was monitored for approximately 48 hr to examine the association between ambient temperature and body temperature, using regression methods that account for highly correlated data within individuals.