ambient temperature

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ambient temperature

Etymology: L, ambi, around, temperatura
the temperature of the environment.

am·bi·ent tem·per·a·ture

(ambē-ĕnt tempĕr-ă-chŭr)
The overall level of heat or cold in an environment.

ambient temperature

The surrounding temperature or that present in the place, site, or location indicated.
See also: temperature


the degree of sensible heat or cold, expressed in terms of a specific scale. See also hypothermia, hyperthermia.

absolute temperature
that reckoned from absolute zero (−459.67°F or −273.15°C).
air temperature
the temperature of the surrounding air as measured by a dry-bulb thermometer.
ambient temperature
temperature of the immediate environment.
body temperature
a prime technique for assessing health status of a patient. Always a rectal temperature. Average temperatures above which hyperthermia, pyrexia or fever can be said to occur are listed under pyrexia.
critical temperature
1. that below which a gas may be converted to a liquid by pressure.
2. the environmental temperature at which the body is unable to maintain a constant body temperature and at which heat production must be increased (cold temperatures) or at which heat loss must be increased (high temperatures).
effective temperature
the combination of air temperature, humidity and wind speed. See also temperateness index.
environmental temperature
air temperature.
nonpermissive temperature
one at which a conditional gene mutation is nonfunctional. See also temperature-sensitive mutation.
normal body temperature
that usually registered by a healthy animal. See pyrexia.
permissive temperature
one at which a conditional gene mutation can express its normal function. See also temperature-sensitive mutation.
premortal temperature fall
the sudden fall in body temperature of a previously fevered animal just before death.
rectal temperature
the body temperature as measured by a rectal thermometer which has been in situ and in contact with the mucosa of the rectum with the anal sphincter tightly closed for at least 30 seconds. Alternative equipment is a dipolar electrode in a rectal probe.
temperature stress
exposure to excessively high or low environmental temperature.
windchill temperature
a combination of wind velocity and air temperature. See also effective temperature (above).
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A better solution is to sense the ambient temperature with a leaded thermistor.
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As ambient temperature increased, differences in temperature among cover types were greater, with temperature differences from 1.
The mean differences in percent total solids between tomato fruits ripened on the parent plants and those ripened under ambient temperature range between -3.
Yes, the belt drive is more efficient in transmitting mechanical power, but in a fan drive this occurs only when the vehicle is operating at both maximum heat rejection and at or near the maximum design ambient temperature.
These values were compared to ambient temperatures recorded at the time of subject location.
They claim the matter is complicated by a discrepancy between the ambient temperatures shown on the timing monitors and recorded by Meteo France.
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Colder ambient temperatures make arousals more frequent.
Therefore their well being is strongly dependent on the ambient temperature.
To determine the influence of changing humidity on cockle, we subjected a sample of paper to cyclic humidity conditions ranging from 50% to 85% RH at a constant ambient temperature.