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(am'bi-deks'trŭs), Avoid the misspelling/mispronunciation ambidexeterous.
Having equal facility in the use of both hands.
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Neurology The ability to perform tasks requiring manual dexterity with either hand
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The ability to use both hands with equal ease.
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The ability to use either hand with the same facility. True ambidexterity, with no bias to one side, is rare and runs in families.
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Organizational ambidexterity through the lens of paradox theory: Building a novel research agenda.
Based on the existing literature, we are able to identify relationships among SIS, exploratory and exploitative innovation, ambidexterity and organizational performance, which served as the foundation for developing the study's conceptual model (Figure 1) and also raised the respective hypotheses to be tested.
Many pistols advertise ambidexterity, but require us to disassemble the gun and switch the orientation of the magazine release button.
But all Beijing has done is demonstrate a disingenuous pattern of diplomatic ambidexterity. China has made token gestures like signing on to United Nations Security Council resolutions while failing to enforce them fully, and at times even increasing trade with Pyongyang.
However, research suggests that the frequency of ambidexterity (no hand dominance) significantly rises in children with autism.
Our contribution to the current research on strategic paradoxes and ambidexterity is three-fold.
Para satisfazer esses objetivos, os autores elaboraram pesquisa bibliometrica e sociometrica, de carater exploratorio e descritivo, na base SCOPUS, a partir da palavra-chave "ambidexterity", termo em lingua inglesa para ambidesteridade, que resultou em 506 documentos, sendo 348 artigos em periodicos internacionais, os quais foram objeto de estudo dessa bibliometria.