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(am'bi-deks'trŭs), Avoid the misspelling/mispronunciation ambidexeterous.
Having equal facility in the use of both hands.


Neurology The ability to perform tasks requiring manual dexterity with either hand


The ability to use both hands with equal ease.


The ability to use either hand with the same facility. True ambidexterity, with no bias to one side, is rare and runs in families.
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Finally, this study also extends the ambidexterity hypothesis that mostly relates to internal or external dynamisms (e.
Tushman and O'Reilly (1996) described ambidexterity as the ability of a firm to simultaneously exploit and explore.
And Palmer admits that his ambidexterity helped hand the Saddlers boss an easy decision to make when injury struck during the close season.
While earnest practice might deliver a few legible words and in some cases a certain level of ambidexterity, true left-handedness will not be achieved.
She believes that perhaps she has managed to adapt to the right-handed world because ambidexterity runs in the family too - her grandad was ambidextrous.
Cognitive flexibility is often accompanied by cultural ambidexterity.
A coach's ability to facilitate a creative environment for their athletes, which helps with ambidexterity, hand/eye coordination and right brain maturity, depends on the time that is allocated to this discipline.
In Part 2 of this series, we will examine the various structures, processes, and tools, that when combined with the appropriate talent and reward systems can achieve ambidexterity.
But successful as Fleisher was in these endeavors, there was always the hope, both in him and among the public, that he would return to the stage with ambidexterity restored.
It also conveys true ambidexterity to almost any surgeon within minutes of sitting down at the instrument," he said.
Dale was a talented enough player to be a right-handed professional then discovered he was even better left-handed but rather than drag himself out on Tour, he decided to put his ambidexterity to good use by designing trick shots.