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amaya (ä·mäˑ·y),

n in Ayurveda, a synonym for
disease, which means “caused by ama.” See also ama.
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According to audio recordings of his conversations with investigators, Amaya said he sold tickets himself, but didn't force anyone else to, and couldn't remember who they were for.
Talking about the research Professor Amaya said: "We were very surprised to find these high levels of ROS during tail regeneration.
Professor Amaya comments: "It's very interesting that two papers suggesting that antioxidants may not always be beneficial have been published recently.
Amaya Interactive provides online casino, live-dealer and sportsbook solutions to more than 60 of the world's most successful remote gambling operators including 888, Betfair, Gala Coral, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and William Hill.
We have over 150 projects that have been submitted for application under the rating system; we have awarded more than 100 projects in the western region, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi; we have around 50 projects under construction," said Amaya.
This month, director Franco Dragone, choreographer Sarah Miles, and flamenco dance royalty Omayra Amaya collaborate to take the tale of love and betrayal from opera house to contemporary dance stage in their new Carmen.
Amaya was on the telephone in Honduras, where she was deported April 18 leaving Lilo and her two sons in New Bedford, Mass.
Blushing bride David Furnish joined former Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant and three male pals for a cosy pre-wedding dinner at Amaya, a posh curry house in London on Friday night.
The announcement came after Colorado prosecutors told Judge Douglas Tallman they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Rebekah Amaya, 33, was legally sane when the children were drowned.
Over 150 officers and paramilitaries searched and ransacked the private home of Miguel Sigler Amaya and his wife Josefa Lopez Pena, where the clinic was housed, confiscating 90 pounds of medicines: antibiotics, pain killers and vitamins.
This page Knit fur-lined gilet, from a selection, Amaya Arzuaga; jersey asymmetric skirt, pounds 30, Warehouse; leather belt/skirt, pounds 80, Debonair Debonair;
The pair, identified as Abner Duarte and Gloria Amaya, were the last of 41 hostages taken from an Avianca airlines flight hijacked in April 1999.