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1. reduction to powder by friction or grinding.
2. a finely powdered substance; called also amalgamation.
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The process of combining mercury with a metal or an alloy to form a new alloy.
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Process of combining mercury with a metal or alloy to form a new alloy.
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As forced amalgamations have proceeded across the province, similar arguments have been voiced.
Table 4: Logistic regression estimates for model of union democracy regarding amalgamations
However, forced amalgamation is by no means restricted to the Antipodes.
However, despite periodic episodes of forced amalgamation across Australia, the impact of mergers on small non-metropolitan local authorities has been largely neglected, both by public policymakers and the academic community.
A policy that encourages voluntary amalgamations provides compliance with local preferences and the success of the initiative.
The reality is that we know very little about the affect of amalgamation on the communities that have been restructured.
The MGA authorizes the amalgamation of one or more municipalities.
The Ontario government c[early cast its lot with the consolidationists in arguing that amalgamations would reduce costs and improve efficiency in the operation of local governments.
As a result, a number of amalgamations went ahead despite angry opposition from parents and staff.
One of the most contentious policies introduced by the Harris Conservative government as part of its Common Sense Revolution was municipal amalgamation. The purpose of the amalgamations was to improve efficiency and reduce municipal spending and to decrease the number of politicians without reducing accessibility to local elected officials.
United boss Alex Smith said: "I have never been a lover of amalgamations as I have always believed that half of the people involved would stop coming to games if it happened.