amalgam restoration

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a·mal·gam res·to·ra·tion

(ă-malgăm restŏr-āshŭn)
A dental restoration made of an alloy of an element or metal with mercury.
See: amalgam, restoration
Synonym(s): silver filling.
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The failure rate of the composite restorations was approximately two to three times that of the control; high copper amalgam restorations (5.
Frencken JE, Taifour D, van't Hof MA (2006) Survival of ART and amalgam restorations in permanent teeth of children after 6.
Thus, the suggestion of combining both methods in order to improve the detection of secondary caries lesions around amalgam restorations could be considered.
Amalgam restorations in permanent teeth have been the most common operative dentistry procedure in the United States.
As a whole, the fracture strength in pulpotomized primary molar teeth with amalgam restorations was high (more than maximum bite force in primary teeth), even in extensive 3-surface ones.
The Median Survival Time (MST) reported for class II amalgam restorations placed in three year olds was 11 months which rose to 44 months in 7 to 8 year olds [Holland et al.
Also the groove can be filled using glass ionomer cement as explained by Ballal NV et al (4) or Silver amalgam restoration can be done to the groove as explained by Brunsvold MA (5) in 1985.
Due to improper cavity design with recurrent caries underlying amalgam restoration leading to fracture of the restoration.
This makes an amalgam restoration to undergo micro leakage and subsequently secondary caries, marginal ditching and failure of restoration occurs.
Amalgam restoration was preferred by 43% re- spondents followed by resin modified GICs/composite resins (39%).
77 Percent of the total restorations while sixty six (66) amalgam restoration were class 5 (3.
Key words: Amalgam restoration, amalgam replacement, amalgam repair, seondary caries, failed restoration.