amacrine cell

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am·a·crine cell

a nerve cell with short branching dendrites but believed to lack an axon; R. Cajal described and named such cells in the retina.

amacrine cell

A modified nerve cell in the retina that has dendrites but no axon.
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without long processes.

amacrine cell
a branched retinal nerve cell without an axon.
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Dopaminergic and indoleamine-accumulating amacrine cells express GABA-like immunoreactivity in the cat retina.
A double-label analysis demonstrating the non-coexistence of tyrosine hydroxylase-like and GABA-like immunoreactivities in amacrine cells of the larval tiger salamander retina.
They injected a substance into the retina to eliminate ganglion cells, a type of nerve cell found near the surface of the retina, and amacrine cells.
Glucagon-containing amacrine cells of the chick retina have been found to respond differentially to the direction (plus or minus) of defocus within two hours of either positive or negative lens wear.