alveolar ridge

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a linear projection or projecting structure; a crest.
alveolar ridge a bony ridge of the maxilla or mandible, the part of the alveolar process that contains the alveoli; called also alveolar crest.
dental ridge any linear elevation on the crown of a tooth.
Dental ridges in a maxillary molar. From Dorland's, 2000.
dermal r's ridges of the skin produced by the projecting papillae of the corium on the palm of the hand and sole of the foot, producing a fingerprint and footprint characteristic of the individual; called also cristae cutis.
genital ridge the more medial part of the urogenital ridge, giving rise to the gonad.
healing ridge an indurated ridge that normally forms deep to the skin along the length of a healing wound.
incisal ridge the part of the crown of an anterior tooth that makes up the actual incisal portion; see incisal surface, under surface.
interureteric ridge a fold on mucous membrane extending across the bladder between the ureteric orifices.
mammary ridge an ectodermal thickening in early embryos, along which the mammary glands subsequently develop.
mesonephric ridge the more lateral portion of the urogenital ridge, giving rise to the mesonephros.
oblique ridge a variable linear elevation obliquely crossing the occlusive surface of a maxillary molar.
urogenital ridge a longitudinal ridge in the embryo, lateral to the mesentery.

al·ve·o·lar pro·cess of maxilla

the projecting ridge on the inferior surface of the body of the maxilla that contains the tooth sockets; the term is also applied to the superior aspect of the body of the mandible, containing the tooth sockets of the lower jaw.

alveolar ridge

the bony ridge of the maxilla or the mandible that contains the alveolar sockets (tooth sockets) of the teeth. See also alveolar process.

al·ve·o·lar ridge

(al-vē'ŏ-lăr rij)
That portion of the maxilla that surrounds and supports teeth.
See also: alveolar process

al·ve·o·lar pro·cess of max·il·la

(al-vēŏ-lăr proses mak-silă) [TA]
Projecting ridge on inferior surface of body of maxilla that contains the tooth sockets; also denotes superior aspect of body of mandible, containing tooth sockets of the lower jaw.
Synonym(s): alveolar body, alveolar bone (2) , alveolar border (2) , alveolar ridge, basal ridge (1) , dental process.
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