alveolar consonant

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al·ve·o·lar con·so·nant

(al-vē'ŏ-lăr kon'sŏ-nănt)
A speech sound involving contact between the tongue and the alveolar ridge (/t/ and /d/).
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If the nominal clitic happens to start with an alveolar consonant there is also manner assimilation, as in (58).
In particular, the voiceless /k/ and ejective /k'/ velar phonemes are found adjacent to a variety of alveolar consonants, especially as [C.sub.2].
To conclude--the chewing reflex is particularly important for the articulation of alveolo-palatal consonants [s], [z], [c], [dz] and alveolar consonants [sz], [z], [cz], [dz] followed by well-developed skills of: mouth closing, eating, distinguishing tastes and cosistency.
For successful speech-language therapy the swallowing pattern remains crucial since it allows the alveolar consonants [sz] [z] [cz] [dz] [l] [r] to appear and helps to prevent interdental articulation.