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(in pharmaceuticals) aluminum hydroxide.

a·lu·mi·num ox·ide

a compound of aluminum used as an abrasive, as a refractory, and in chromatography.
Synonym(s): alumina


One of the strongest white ceramic materials used in dental practice; an abrasive employed to strengthen porcelain or as a substructure for all ceramic crowns and bridges.
[L. alumen, alum]
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where [gamma]is the non-wetting phase production decline constant, which was reported to be 0.05 for oil-water systems in sandstone, alundum, and aluminum silicate cores [15].
Aercor-Aeration Engineering Resources Corp.'s aeration system employs a porous "Alundum" diffuser dome, with PVC piping and fixtures.
The reason for this discrepancy is most likely a nonhomogeneous distribution of aluminum over the crystal volume, as during the crystal growth in alundum crucibles the introduction of aluminum occurs in an uncontrolled way.