aluminum potassium sulfate

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a·lu·mi·num po·tas·si·um sul·fate

an astringent and styptic; also used in veterinary medicine to treat ulcerative stomatitis, leukorrhea, and conjunctivitis.
Synonym(s): potassium alum
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(a-loo'mi-num) Al
A silver-white metal used to filter low-energy radiation out of the x-ray beam; atomic mass (weight) 26.9815, atomic number 13.

aluminum acetate

A salt formed by the reaction between aluminum sulfate and lead acetate. Its aqueous solution (Burow solution) is used as a local astringent.

aluminum ammonium sulfate

Ammonium alum.

aluminum chloride

AlCl3, an astringent and antiperspirant.
CAS # 7446-70-0

aluminum phosphate gel

AlPO4, an aqueous suspension of aluminum phosphate used as an astringent and antacid.
CAS # 7784-30-7

aluminum potassium sulfate

Potassium alum.

aluminum sulfate

Al2(SO4)3, an antiperspirant.
CAS # 10043-01-3
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