aluminum phosphide

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aluminum phosphide

A pesticide used to protect stored grains from insects and rodents. After exposure to water it is converted to hydrogen phosphide, a poison that inhibits cellular oxidative metabolism, esp. in metabolically active organs. It may be toxic or deadly to humans if ingested or inhaled. Its chemical formula is AlP.


There is no specific antidote. Cardiopulmonary support is given to intoxicated patients.

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The initial report of the KU's International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) said the deaths were not caused by any poisonous food but due to the Phosphate gas that was caused by the anti-bug spray of Aluminum Phosphide.
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There are significant numbers of studies detailing the effects, treatment, and prognosis of poisoning with aluminum phosphide and other rodenticides, but zinc phosphide has not been that elaborately studied.
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These include the Committee for Perfume Factories and Shops, which inspected 695 facilities and recorded violations against 166; the Aluminum Phosphide Committee, which inspected 231 shops and recorded violations against 77; and the Furnished Apartments Committee, which identified 44 facilities in violation out of a total of 66.
Police announced on Sunday that a Filipino was found dead at a flat in Dubai after her neighbour spread Aluminum Phosphide in an attempt to cure a cockroach infestation while he was travelling.
TAHRAN (CyHAN)- Around 191 Iranians have died in spring as a result of poisoning with aluminum phosphide, known as rice tablets, a 13 percent rise year on year.
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The chemical is believed to be aluminum phosphide and is deadly if inhaled or ingested.
TRACES of aluminum phosphide, a pesticide, have been found in the viscera of Anuradha Bali aka Fiza Mohammad, the estranged second wife of Haryana's former deputy chief minister Chander Mohan, officials said on Saturday.