aluminum acetate

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a·lu·mi·num ac·e·tate

compound of aluminum used as a disinfectant by embalmers.

aluminum acetate

A salt formed by the reaction between aluminum sulfate and lead acetate. Its aqueous solution (Burow solution) is used as a local astringent.
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a chemical element, atomic number 13, atomic weight 26.982, symbol Al. See Table 6.

aluminum acetate
a preparation of aluminum subacetate and glacial acetic acid, used for its antiseptic and astringent action on the skin. Called also Burow's solution.
aluminum binding agents
usually includes aluminum carbonate and hydroxide. See phosphate binders.
aluminum chloride
a deliquescent, crystalline powder used topically as an astringent solution and antiperspirant.
aluminum equivalent
a radiological measurement expressing the thickness of aluminum that produces the same attenuation of the x-ray beam as the thickness of the material being examined.
aluminum factory
prime source of fluorine pollution of pasture.
aluminum filter
inserted in the window of x-ray tubes to filter out x-rays of long wavelength; reduces potentially harmful and unnecessary radiation.
aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate
aluminum preparations, available in suspension, as a gel, or in dried form, used as an antacid in the treatment of peptic ulcer in humans and gastric hyperacidity and in phosphate binders.
aluminum poisoning
pollution of pasture occurs from dust from factories handling aluminum products and in acid rain near such industrial works; contributes to nutritional deficiency of phosphorus by interfering with phosphorus absorption. Bodies of water which receive drainage from soils rich in aluminum may experience fish kills in circumstances in which the amount of aluminum is increased.
aluminum sulfate
see alum.