altitude chamber

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al·ti·tude cham·ber

a decompression chamber for simulating a high-altitude environment, particularly its low barometric pressure.
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(cham'ber) [Fr. chambre, ult. fr. Gr. kamara, vault]
A compartment or closed space.

altitude chamber

Low-pressure chamber.

anterior chamber

The space between the cornea and iris of the eye. See: posterior chamber

aqueous chamber

Anterior chamber

Boyden chamber

See: Boyden chamber

drip chamber

A hollow device where intravenous fluids are collected before infusion into a patient.

hyperbaric chamber

An airtight enclosure strong enough to withstand high internal pressure. It is used to expose animals, humans, or an entire surgical team to increased air pressure.
Synonym: pressure chamber See: hyperbaric oxygenation

ionization chamber

A device used to measure radiation by equating ion production in a gas chamber with the intensity of an electrical charge.

low-pressure chamber

An enclosure designed to simulate high altitudes by exposing humans or animals to low atmospheric pressure. Such studies are essential for simulated flights into the atmosphere and space.
Synonym: altitude chamber

monoplace chamber

A hyperbaric chamber that supplies an enriched oxygen environment to a single person (or to a small child with a family member or nurse in attendance). It may be used to treat those suspected of severe carbon monoxide exposure.

multiplace chamber

A hyberbaric chamber that supplies an enriched oxygen environment to several patients who have suffered severe carbon monoxide exposure. All the patients wear their own masks and have their own oxygen supply within the chamber.

posterior chamber

In the eye, the space behind the iris and in front of the vitreous body. It is occupied by the lens, its zonules, and the aqueous humor.
See: anterior chamber; eye for illus

pressure chamber

Hyperbaric chamber.

pulp chamber

The central cavity of a tooth. The pulp canal contains arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels, and sensory nerve endings. Anatomically, the pulp chamber can be divided into the body and the pulp horns. Pulp horns correspond to the cusps of the teeth. See: root canal; pulp cavity

suction control chamber

The part of a chest tube drainage system that sets the negative pressure applied to the pleural space, facilitating the drainage of gas and fluid.

valved holding chamber

See: metered-dose inhaler

vitreous chamber

The cavity behind the lens in the eye that contains the vitreous humor.

water seal chamber

The component of a chest tube drainage system that permits the drainage of gas from the patient's pleural space but does not permit that gas to return. It typically holds about 2 cm of sterile water.
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The probable explanation was that after training in the coolness of the altitude chamber, the Dallas times in August were brutal.
High altitude chamber experiments reliably show that experienced pilots are more likely to report no effects of hypoxia when they are obviously affected.
I made stratospheric test jumps from two progressively higher altitudes leading up to the final jump." He also took part in varied activities like wind tunnel training, airplane jumps in the suit, gas balloon license training, bungee-jump rehearsals for perfect step-off from the capsule, and altitude chamber testing to rehearse everything in a simulated near-space environment.
Diagnostic human performance lab with anti-gravity running machine and altitude chamber ?
Pilots are exposed to the dangers of SD during aerospace physiology (altitude chamber) training and SD is a required topic in the Instrument Refresher Course (IRC).
She has even been jogging in a special altitude chamber to cope with the daunting hike up Kilimanjaro - which stands at 19,330ft (5,892metres) and is Africa's highest peak.
My body began to react to the decompression with symptoms I was unfamiliar with, and nothing like those experienced during hypoxia simulation in the altitude chamber. When asked if I felt hypoxic, I quickly responded, "No, I just think the decompressions messed with my sinuses.
The 4% derating standard was based on work initially done in an altitude chamber by Eisman et al.
The 24-year-old also uses the sharks' near relation, the lesser spotted dogfish, for further research at Aberdeen University's altitude chamber.
The main lure of this morbidly fascinating film is seeing Portillo dice with death - exposed to CS gas and coming to within an inch of his life in an altitude chamber - a way of dying that's not just painless, it's positively pleasant...
The point of the training is to provide an alternative to a traditional altitude chamber session so that pilots can experience hypoxic symptoms in the environment they're most likely to encounter it: the cockpit.