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Referring to that which is not conventional, mainstream or traditional, which is used primarily in the context of alternative–complementary medicine.


adjective Referring to that which is not conventional, mainstream, or traditional, which is used primarily in the context of alternative–complementary medicine. Cf Fringe, Integrative, Mainstream. noun One of two or more choices; option. See Reduction alternative, Refinement alternative, Replacement alternative, Therapeutic alternative.

Patient discussion about alternative

Q. Anybody familiar with alternative treatment for ADHD?

A. We use two parallel programs for children with ADHD and all developmental problems. This also includes dyslexia, learning disability, auditory processing disorder, global developmental disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, autism spectrum, failure to thrive, etc. . .

The two programs go hand-in-hand. One is about what caused the developmental process to get stuck or sluggish. The other is about encouraging the developmental process to catch up when it is behind.

Most programs for children with developmental problems attempt to medicate or train away the symptoms. If a child is hyperactive or unfocused, doctors prescribe a medication which reduces hyperactivity or improves focus. This is often hit-and-miss and many children need to take many months for the doctor to find the correct medicine and correct dosage for the child. But these medications do nothing for the underlying cause. The developmental process got stuck and needs to be re-engaged.

From our experience, the &

Q. What are natural or alternative ways to beat depression? I keep reading about how depression is caused by 'chemical imbalances' in the brain, and it feels like I don't stand a chance at beating it without going on Anti-depressants, but I don't want to go down this route cause I'm worried about the side-effects. Can anyone suggest natural ways to beat depression that don't involve medication?

A. Here are couple of alternative ways to treat depression:

but if all of this doesn’t work- I recommend medical help. It can help you immensely. It’s much better then walking around with depression.

Q. Is there any danger in the alternative treatment of Acupuncture? I've been suffering from back pains for about 3 months now. I tried Acupuncture for the first time yesterday and was wondering whether somebody in the community tried it and have any knowledge about the success and dangerous of such a treatment.

A. Hi Justin - Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with me. You are right, I should ask these questions. I will ask my therapist and follow your advice although the place and the therapist look good and professional to me.

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El psicoterapeuta alternativo ve entonces una oportunidad en estas herramientas para enriquecer su aprendizaje, como indica A.
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El Indice de Capacidades Basicas (ICB) es un indice alternativo desarrollado por Social Watch, a partir de un indice de Calidad de Vida para Action for Economic Reform para la coalicion de Social Watch en Filipinas.