alternative delivery system

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alternative delivery system,

n an arrangement for the provision of dental services in other than the traditional way (e.g., licensed dental provider providing treatment in a fee-for-service dental office).
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With fraud statistics on the rise-and new, alternative delivery systems for financial transactions enticing criminals-credit unions are wise to arm themselves with fraud-fighting tools and strategies.
TTI), a private company based in Florida, USA, specializes in leveraging its patented rapid acting, drug-specific transdermal delivery technology to develop effective alternative delivery systems for valued drugs.
studies that have found teleradiology to cost less than alternative delivery systems [10,11,12], detection of potential cost savings from teledermatology [13], a cost analysis of a teleoncology practice [14]).
MCCD also encourages Allfirst to establish alternative delivery systems to provide banking services in low-income areas.
The NSI is also looking at opportunities to meet demand for its programs through alternative delivery systems such as the Internet.
Increasingly important to clinicians and institutions will be comparisons of their effectiveness and efficiency to include, or exclude, them from alternative delivery systems such as HMOs, IPAs, PPOs, PHOs, and OWAs (other weird arrangements).
The concept of place becomes more complex when there are multiple access points, including both physical sites and other alternative delivery systems.
With the talk of a "brave new world" of 500 channels or interactive television unfolding over the next 10 years, some sharp black entrepreneurs are looking at alternative delivery systems as a result of new technology.
Public policy should provide incentives for preventive care, early intervention and alternative delivery systems.
Moreover, alternative delivery systems and settings have increased competitive pressures.
First, inferences can be drawn which contrast public VR performance with alternative delivery systems.
As a founder of the company that pioneered the concept of Health Engagement Management, Drane will focus on extending that platform as Eliza aggressively pursues opportunities with big data, new consumer models, and alternative delivery systems.
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