alternate level of care

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alternate level of care

Pt care–eg, hospice, at-home nursing, in which efforts are no longer made to cure or aggressively treat a disease, but rather prepare for death and alleviate pain, as needed by those who are terminally ill with cancer or AIDS. See Hospice, Terminal illness syndrome.
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al·ter·nate lev·el of care

(awl'tĕr-năt lev'ĕl kār)
Therapy provided to patients whose disability is less than acute. This degree of therapy includes many options (e.g., long-term care facility, respite care, in-home care).
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As of August 27, 1997, staff at the hospital believed that K.T.'s condition had changed to the point where he was an appropriate patient for an alternate level of care. The hospital discharged K.T.
reviews, monitors and follows up with alternate level of care applications and accepts bed calls from receiving facilities
* a variety of externally collected and managed data sets (e.g., Statistics Canada's Canadian Community Health Survey; and the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) Portal, which provides pan-Canadian clinical and administrative data from which various indicators can be derived, such as mortality rates, re-admission rates by diagnosis, the number of Alternate Level of Care days).

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