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1. an animal or plant that harbors and provides sustenance for another organism (the parasite).
2. the recipient of an organ or other tissue derived from another organism (the donor).
accidental host one that accidentally harbors an organism that is not ordinarily parasitic in the particular species.
definitive host (final host) a host in which a parasite attains sexual maturity.
intermediate host a host in which a parasite passes one or more of its asexual stages; usually designated first and second, if there is more than one.
paratenic host a potential or substitute intermediate host that serves until the appropriate definitive host is reached, and in which no development of the parasite occurs; it may or may not be necessary to the completion of the parasite's life cycle.
host of predilection the host preferred by a parasite.
primary host definitive host.
reservoir host an animal (or species) that is infected by a parasite, and which serves as a source of infection for humans or another species.
secondary host intermediate host.
transfer host one that is used until the appropriate definitive host is reached, but is not necessary to completion of the life cycle of the parasite.
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The organism in or on which a parasite lives, deriving its body substance or energy from the host.
[L. hospes, a host]
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1. Biology
a. An organism on which or in which another organism lives.
b. A cell that has been infected by a virus or other infective agent.
2. Medicine The recipient of a transplanted tissue or organ.

host′ly adj.
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Epidemiology Any organism that can be infected by a pathogen under natural conditions. See Definitive host, Intermediate host, Paratenic host, Transport host Immunology Graft recipient. See Graft, Transplant Informatics A networked computer that performs centralized functions–eg, providing access program or data files to computers in a network; a host may be self-contained or located on Internet; computer that acts as a source of information or capabilities for multiple terminals, peripherals and/or users. See Node, Network. Cf Server.
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The organism in or on which a parasite lives, thus deriving its body substance or energy.
[L. hospes, a host]
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1. An organism that provides a residence and nourishment for a parasite.
2. A person receiving a graft of a donated organ or tissue.
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  1. the organism on which a PARASITE lives.
  2. the recipient of a tissue transplant.
  3. the recipient of recombinant VECTOR molecules (in GENETIC ENGINEERING) or other genetic elements, which can maintain and propagate them.
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The organism that harbors or nourishes another organism (parasite). In bartonellosis, the person infected with Bartonella basilliformis.
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Q. I was diagnosed with depression and have taken a whole host of antidepressants. I’m Mark, 29 years old male. I was diagnosed with depression and have taken a whole host of antidepressants. My eyes are extremely blurry, I’m worrying about that. Does this side effect go away with time, or is it permanent while on medications?

A. Mark, you really need to consult your doctor. I hope you're not relying totally on the Internet for medical advice. Side effects are common with most drugs, and some are more tolerable than others. "Extremely blurry" eyes seems like it could affect your driving, as cbellh47 wrote, but many other things as well.

Sometimes it does take many, many attempts to discover an anti-depressant or a combination of more than one to achieve a better mood balance. We're all chemically different and react to drugs differently. There's many options and I had to endure years of experimentation before I was satisfied, but I now have the rest of my life to appreciate what I went through.

I also used the help of different doctors and psychiatrists, as well as self-learning. If your doctor doesn't seem to be beneficial, consider asking him/her to recommend a specialist. New treatments come to light regularly and not all docotrs are wise to them.

Just yesterday (01.20.09) a new, control

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Since the 1996 to 1998 PCR-based search for a Haplosporidium nelsoni host, a number of similar studies have been published that used molecular tools to search for intermediate and alternate hosts for other molluscan pathogens.
The alternate hosts may allow completion of the life cycle of a fungus.
Flies from each host-associated population ovipunctured much more frequently on their own host plant than on the alternate host plant in the no-choice experiment.
Besides fruits, it infests some vegetables such as pepper, tomato and eggplants as alternate hosts (El-Gendy, 2012; Ghanim, 2009; Hashem et al., 2004; El-Minshawy et al., 1999; White and Elson-Harris, 1992; Liquido et al., 1990; Kapoor and Agarwal, 1982).
Solanaceous weeds are alternate hosts. Sequential sampling plans are available for each of the main host crops, but are not widely used.
In the North Coast, PD is generally associated with riparian areas or other landscaping that provides alternate hosts for the insect vectors.
The trip by 14 youngsters from Oberhausen is part of an annual exchange programme under which the two twin towns are alternate hosts.
Disease-free sets of eight-month-old sugarcane nursery may be preferred for planting Mostly weeds serve as alternate hosts or sources of infection for pathogenic diseases Ratooning of the diseased crop should be discouraged.
The BCCI working committee meeting in Bhubaneswar on February 28 was supposed to finalise South Africa as the alternate hosts given the circumstances but decided to delay the announcement.
However Former PCB chairman Ijaz Butt has said it was better to pick the UAE as a neutral venue for the Asia Cup since Bangladesh might not be ready to accept Sri Lanka as alternate hosts.

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