alternate generation

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1. the process of reproduction.
2. a class composed of all individuals removed by the same number of successive ancestors from a common predecessor, or occupying positions on the same level in a genealogical (pedigree) chart.
alternate generation reproduction by alternate asexual and sexual means in an animal or plant species.
asexual generation (direct generation) production of a new organism not originating from union of gametes.
first filial generation the first-generation offspring of two parents; symbol F1.
parental generation the generation with which a particular genetic study is begun; symbol P1.
second filial generation all of the offspring produced by two individuals of the first filial generation; symbol F2.
sexual generation production of a new organism from the cell formed by the union of a male gamete (spermatozoon) and a female gamete (oocyte).
spontaneous generation the discredited concept of continuous generation of living organisms from nonliving matter.
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One such is B, the use of grandparent terms as junior reciprocals which we discuss in 'Alternate Generation Equivalence: Grandkin = Grandchildren' section.
(7.) Schefller (1978:223, 250) also distinguishes AGA (Alternate Generation Agnatic) and AGU (Alternate Generation Uterine) as two types of AG equivalence rules.
Figure 2: Alternate Generation Moieties and respective subsection terms Alternate Generation Moiety A Alternate Generation Moiety B N/Japanangka N/Jakamarra Na/Jupurrurla N/Japaljarri N/Jangala N/Jamapijinpa Jungarrayi N/Japangardi
In Allen's (1986, 1989a, 1989b, 1998) universal theory of kinship evolution a tetradic proto-human terminology is defined by alternate generation equations, prescriptive equations and classificatory equations.
It also has alternate generation terms which equate elder siblings with grandparents, batata eB = FF, baramanu yB = SS, baramana yZ = SD.

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