altered cast

al·ter·ed cast

(awl'tĕrd kast)
Model of dental structures that are modified before fabrication of the final prosthesis.
Synonym(s): corrected cast.
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e sectional custom impression tray technique, altered cast impres sion technique and Applegate impression technique depending upon the type and number of trays.
In altered cast impression technique an individual custom tray is fabricated on the metal framework to make a second impression of the edentulous tissues.
In contrast to sectional custom tray impression technique1,32, altered cast impression technique2 and Applegate impression technique3, this twopart impres sion technique is better indicated in acrylic dentures with free end saddles when only few teeth are remain ing.
This is a suggestive alternate to altered cast tech nique especially in remote dental centers where cast ing facilities are not available.
BEING woken on Monday night by a thunderstorm and torrential rain, it seemed that fields at Goodwood could be struck by a spate of non-runners caused by soft going, but now it is fast ground that threatens to produce an altered cast list.
The recently appointed heads of Electrolux, Royal and Panasonic floor care made first appearances, as did an altered cast for Hoover.
After jaw relationing and tooth try in stages the functional impressions were done and altered casts were achieved.