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conversion of something to a different form.
culture change the sum of the changes that occur in a culture over time in response to various circumstances; such changes result from contact between groups and forces within the culture.
dressing change/wound care in the omaha system, the observing, cleansing, irrigating, or covering of a wound, lesion, or incision.
reciprocal c's the changes seen in leads facing the wall opposite to a myocardial infarction; they were formerly thought to be purely electrical but are now considered a sign of more extensive myocardial damage.
role change in the omaha system, movement away from or into a set of expected behavioral characteristics.
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(awl'ter-ā'shŭn), Do not confuse this word with alternation.
1. A change.
2. An act of making something different.
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Scott Beaton: alterations to existing rear extension, rear dormer extension and rear window alterations; at 6 Springwells Crescent, Airdrie.
Alterations and formation of dormer extension to rear of 154A Drumlanrig Street, Thornhill.
The court held that consenting to structural alterations would be a breach of the absolute prohibition and this would amount to a breach of the mutual enforceability clause by the landlord.
Balversa, a once-daily oral FGFR kinase inhibitor, received accelerated approval based on results from a Phase 2 clinical trial (BLC2001, NCT02365597), a multicenter, open-label, single-arm study, of 87 patients with disease that had progressed on or after at least one prior chemotherapy and that had at least one of the following genetic alterations: FGFR3 gene mutations (R248C, S249C, G370C, Y373C) or FGFR gene fusions (FGFR3-TACC3, FGFR3-BAIAP2L1, FGFR2-BICC1, FGFR2-CASP7), as determined by a clinical trial assay performed at a central laboratory.
| First4lawyers Ltd, change of use and alterations, including construction of boundary fence, to former mill (B1 Business) to 30 student bedrooms (C4), Office, Britannia Mills, Colne Road, Huddersfield.
Considering 15 alterations to the constitution, as handed down by the National Assembly, at its plenary, Speaker of the Assembly, Honourable Micheal Adeyemo, ruled that the Assembly deferred its decision to allow for public hearings because the NULGE and the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) held different positions on autonomy of local government.
We conducted preliminary assessments in all children with ages between 8;6 and 10; 11 years, in order to determine those who had lingual frenulum alterations. Therefore, besides photographing the cardinal points on the tongues of schoolchildren and their lingual frenulum, the maximal mouth opening and the opening with the apex of the tongue against the incisive papilla were measured (a relation between the two measurements, when <50% suggests alterations in the lingual frenulum).
The expert team are specialists in alterations and repairs and cover a whole range of materials including linen, knitwear, silk, leather, denim and even Chantilly lace.
alterations to garden layouts and boundary treatments The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of Wicklow County Council, County Buildings, Wicklow during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application.
The courts have held since the middle of the last century that an alteration in a lease which was not self-evidently insubstantial and which could be prejudicial to the guarantor would relieve the guarantor from liability.
(WWU), $96,200 for commercial alterations, Performing Arts Building: remodel room 47.
Commercial tenants often perform material alterations in their leased premises, with the landlord's consent, either prior to or after taking possession of the premises.