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conversion of something to a different form.
culture change the sum of the changes that occur in a culture over time in response to various circumstances; such changes result from contact between groups and forces within the culture.
dressing change/wound care in the omaha system, the observing, cleansing, irrigating, or covering of a wound, lesion, or incision.
reciprocal c's the changes seen in leads facing the wall opposite to a myocardial infarction; they were formerly thought to be purely electrical but are now considered a sign of more extensive myocardial damage.
role change in the omaha system, movement away from or into a set of expected behavioral characteristics.
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(awl'ter-ā'shŭn), Do not confuse this word with alternation.
1. A change.
2. An act of making something different.
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Malachite stained carbonate altered breccia near jasper alteration
aAs stated previously, the Western Tethyan hosts many significant deposits associated with similar alteration zones.
A $5,400,000 alteration permit was issued for interior and exterior improvements to the Williams Plaza apartment building at 2041 N.W.
Balversa, a once-daily oral FGFR kinase inhibitor, received accelerated approval based on results from a Phase 2 clinical trial (BLC2001, NCT02365597), a multicenter, open-label, single-arm study, of 87 patients with disease that had progressed on or after at least one prior chemotherapy and that had at least one of the following genetic alterations: FGFR3 gene mutations (R248C, S249C, G370C, Y373C) or FGFR gene fusions (FGFR3-TACC3, FGFR3-BAIAP2L1, FGFR2-BICC1, FGFR2-CASP7), as determined by a clinical trial assay performed at a central laboratory.
'Constitution (Fourth Alteration) Bill No 4 (Financial Autonomy of State legislatures); Yes: 33 States, No: 1 State, Abstain: 1 State;
Hence, when there is an alteration in the lingual frenulum, lingual mobility may be impaired and is likely to result in impairment of the orofacial functions, with speech being the function mostly influenced by alterations in the lingual frenulum.
The expert team are specialists in alterations and repairs and cover a whole range of materials including linen, knitwear, silk, leather, denim and even Chantilly lace.
Low sulphidation epithermal alteration systems often record strong vertical mineral zonation and can host bonanza grade gold veins.
(WWU), $1,159,600 for commercial alterations, Environmental Studies Building: remodel labs/classrooms 128-I 31,213,218, 223,322, 331 and 418.
However, regardless of when the alterations are performed, they must be performed so as to comply, in all respects, with all applicable governing laws, codes, rules and regulations, including, without limitation, those promulgated by the New York City Department of Building.
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