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conversion of something to a different form.
culture change the sum of the changes that occur in a culture over time in response to various circumstances; such changes result from contact between groups and forces within the culture.
dressing change/wound care in the omaha system, the observing, cleansing, irrigating, or covering of a wound, lesion, or incision.
reciprocal c's the changes seen in leads facing the wall opposite to a myocardial infarction; they were formerly thought to be purely electrical but are now considered a sign of more extensive myocardial damage.
role change in the omaha system, movement away from or into a set of expected behavioral characteristics.


(awl'ter-ā'shŭn), Do not confuse this word with alternation.
1. A change.
2. An act of making something different.


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In contrast to the effects of CPF on working and reference memory errors, there were no alterations in latency (time per arm entry; data not shown).
The expeditor can assist with processing the Alteration Type II application and procuring the Letter of Completion.
Two questions will assist auditors in applying these survey results to their reviews of graphs in annual reports: Is there a materiality threshold level of alteration to avoid, and do the types of data (stable vs.
Permeability alterations [plus or minus] active efflux
Alteration in comfort related to recent abdominal surgery
The cost limitation for the total amount of improvements or structural alterations is a once-in-a-life-time benefit, and eligibility terminates when that cost limit is reached.
The Act's requirements for providing physical access to existing facilities are much more limited than for new construction or major alterations.
McDonald's Restaurants Ltd, extensions and alterations, including installation of additional drive thru booth and associated works, alterations to elevations including new cladding to roof and new remote corral, 501 Leeds Road, Huddersfield.
It would also be unlikely that less learning took place as a result of motor dysfunction or sensory abnormality because there was no alteration in the spontaneous activity during the dark phase and in the duration of locomotion in the open-field test, as well as in the latency periods associated with CS and UCS in the active avoidance test.
Any existing facility that undergoes major alteration or renovation after January 26,1992 must be "readily accessible" and comply with the ADA Accessibility Guidelines unless the cost of compliance is disproportionate to the overall cost of the alterations.
To test the role of this alteration layer in corrosion and cracking, Bunker and Michalske exposed different kinds of glass to different chemicals.