alter ego

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al·ter ego

Another side of oneself; a second self.
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Another explanation may lie within the federal court system, under which alter ego lawsuits generally fall.
The alter ego principle as a form of the "piercing the corporate veil" doctrine, renders a parent liable when it uses its subsidiary as a "sham to perpetrate a fraud.
Grayson Perry (left),dressed as alter ego Claire, with his wife Philippa and daughter Flo
In Letter Ruling 200310005, the Service did not apply the LR doctrine to recharacterize the Sub 7's LR as a reorganization into Sub 8 or treat Sub 8 as Sub 7's alter ego.
Among compounds found were DDT, tributyl tin, and polychlorinated biphenyls--all pollutants that can have a hormonal alter ego.
APPRENTICE Mark Worrell, who has survived nearly seven years with Sir Mark Prescott, enjoyed a career-first double when scoring on Alter Ego and Affaire d'Amour, two well-bred fillies who are trained by his boss and owned by Kirsten Rausing.
The "other" remains an alter ego, who must be considered once we talk about objectivity.
TAGHeuer's Alter Ego is the latest watch to be launched by Watches of Switzerland and the first watch by TAGHeuer to be designed exclusively for women.
Sumner Katz, president of American Marketing Technology Group, wants his Alter Ego to be THE alternative beverage.
In the November-December 1989 issue of The Tax Executive, a colleague and I published an article that (1) analyzed the historical foundations regarding constitutional limitations on state tax jurisdiction and (2) discussed recent attempts by state taxing authorities to assert jurisdiction over a corporation based on the presence within the state of that corporation's agent, alter ego, or unitary affiliate.
An alter ego begins to haunt William Wilson at a boys' school not unlike one that Poe attended, and pursues Wilson like a conscience through all his adventures as a young man.