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In dentistry, the laboratory procedure of attaching the maxillary and/or mandibular cast to an articulator.
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Device (usually in metal or plastic) which holds the ophthalmic lenses before the eyes in rimless spectacles or in spectacles with rims, but which do not surround the lenses, the latter being held by holes, slots or grooves in their periphery. Syn. mounting.
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In dentistry, laboratory procedure of attaching maxillary and/or mandibular cast to an articulator.
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A popular altazimuth mount is the sturdy, boxy Dobsonian design.
In the 1917 May Journal Ainslie wrote a useful three page paper (37) entitled: Notes from the Instrument Committee--On the Choice of a Telescope in which he explained the relative advantages and disadvantages of reflectors, refractors, equatorial mounts and altazimuth mounts.
There is a plaque on the tube to testify to this, and that instrument was originally tripod mounted as an altazimuth system, only being converted onto a modern equatorial mount in the 1970s.
* Many of today's telescopes have motor-driven altazimuth mounts that keep them pointed at celestial objects as they move from east to west across the sky.
An altazimuth variation that's popular on Newtonian reflectors of all sizes (from $200 starter scopes to 36-inch monsters) is the Dobsonian mount.
The word astrolabe is from the Greek for "star taker." Most varieties have the same basics: a sighting device, a movable star map in the form of a metal network including a finely scaled zodiac ring; a flat, stereographic projection of the sky's altazimuth coordinate grid from horizon to zenith; and a finely divided circular scale of hours around the outside.
We were looking for complete telescopes of at least 70-millimeters aperture, mated to simple, sturdy, easy-to-use altazimuth mounts.
Meade's Infinity 90mm Altazimuth Refractor has enough aperture to produce satisfying views of the Sun, Moon, and planets, as well as bright deep-sky objects and double stars.
Superficially, the two have much in common--both are basic 5-inch Newtonian reflectors on altazimuth mounts.
If you want to take one of these telescopes along for casual observing on a weekend camping trip, you might want a mounting as simple (and portable) as a heavy-duty photographic tripod fitted with a lightweight altazimuth mount.
A 1998 follow-up study using the Russian 6-meter Large Altazimuth Telescope found magnitudes, diameters, separations, morphological types, configurations, and radial velocities.
Like Chuck, Art was looking for a way to improve on the conventional altazimuth mount.