alfaxalone, alphaxalone

one of the two pregnanediones in Saffan, the steroidal anesthetic used widely in cats. Called also steroid I.
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Drug profiles covered include ABP-700, ADV-6209, alphaxalone, clonidine hydrochloride, CTP-354, propofol, propofol microemulsion, remimazolam and Small Molecule to Agonize GABA-A for Sedation.
Drug profiles discussed in the anesthetic effect report include (lidocaine + phenylephrine hydrochloride + tropicamide), (tetracaine + oxymetazoline hydrochloride), ABP-700, ADV-6209, alphaxalone, bupivacaine hydrochloride, carboetomidate, Gabafol, lidocaine ER, LT-1121, LT-1123, methoxycarbonyl carboetomidate, neosaxitoxin, PB-5109, PHY-301, propofol, propofol microemulsion, propofol-DM, remimazolam, Small Molecules to Inhibit NMDA Receptor for Anaesthesia and sugammadex sodium.