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A natural body substance that now can be made in large quantities and is an effective treatment for some types of viral inflammatory disease, including hepatitis C.
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n See interferon, alpha.
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The treatment of renal cell carcinoma with human leukocyte alpha-interferon.
Approval was based on a study of 1,219 adults with chronic hepatitis C infection who had not received alpha-interferon.
He continued, "Investigations on the use of alternative medications such as topically applied alpha-interferon, a known antiviral agent, have demonstrated some clinical benefit.
Starting cancer patients on an antidepressant before they begin receiving alpha-interferon markedly reduces the therapy's side effects, Miller and his colleagues now report.
Nevertheless, sales of IL-2 and alpha-interferon are currently around $1.
Phase II trial data demonstrates that "patients treated with Maxamine are living two to three times longer than the historical average for patients treated with IL-2 or alpha-interferon alone.