alpha units

al·pha u·nits

cytoplasmic glycogen granules arranged in rosettes.
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We also want to have the next robotic vending kiosk ready for launch after we have matured the Reis & Irvy's platform within the next 12-24 months." The Company also noted proceeds from its capital raise will also be used to fund operations and pay short term liabilities which include accounts payable to suppliers and obligations to franchisees lost because of the manufacturing delays and technical issues experienced with alpha units. Another key item on the shareholder meeting agenda is changing the company name to Generation Next.
In the case of the first generation of Alpha units, of so-called Alpha-I design (Figure 1), an alternating succession of coils and tanks was arranged in an oval layout reminiscent of a racetrack; each such track was 122 feet long by 75 feet wide and 15 feet high.
Active Power plans to ship alpha units late this year with full-scale production planned for mid-2005.
Two new AN series units, model AN-15 (VHF frequency) and 900MHz model AN-90, are four-line alpha units that can store up to 40 messages.
Their share in aggregate future consumption is smaller in the asymmetric case, because in this state there is a price difference: they pay 2p' to get alpha units while the informed pay only p'.
Two other alpha units also have been sold and shipped.
In alpha, Tops carries the Motorola Memo Express for $118.97 and the Advisor, one of the first alpha units available at retail but geared more for the business user, for $199.97.
The two alpha units, SkyWord Classic and Pro, are expected to sell for $119.95 and $179.95, respectively, while SkyTel 2-Way carries a price of $399.