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In this research we have obtained plots of many single isotope alpha decays to different states of the daughter nucleus.
El hombre aparece en el holoceno, Alpha Decay, Barcelona, 2014, 134 pp.
This allowed them to measure the photons in connection with the new element's alpha decay.
During a routine check for contamination in their bolometers, which happen to be built around crystals containing bismuth, the team noticed an unexpected alpha decay not listed in any reference tables.
Es autora de una novela (El final de la historia, Alpha Decay, 2014) y de siete libros de relatos, el mas reciente Ni puedo ni quiero (Eterna Cadencia, 2015).
One is alpha decay, where the piece of the nucleus that flies off is two protons and two neutrons, which is an atom of helium (without its usual complement of electrons).