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ambulance loading post

A point in the forward combat area where sick and wounded personnel are loaded into ambulances for transportation to a clearing station or a hospital.
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As a complete platform, NEC ALP Pro consists of hardware, software, cloud services, managed services, and big data analytics as well as consulting, customized software, content creation, installation, and 24/7 support.
Although the etiology of BTH has not been defined, Crofton (4) reported that an increase in ALP production caused this condition.
As shown in Tables 3 and 4, there is an average 3-4% loss of ALP activity per minute at 37[degrees]C.
For quantitative variables like age, laboratory tests like fasting and random ALP, mean and standard deviation values were calculated.
We are seeing almost P100 million in sales per day since our launch last May 31," said ALP head of sales Mike Jugo.
The vessels, developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions in close cooperation with ALP Maritime Services (ALP), are SX157 design with a 300-ton bollard pull, capable of operating at full loads for 45 days without refuelling.
Seventeen-year old protestor Dilan Alp was seriously injured on May 1, 2013 during a May Day protest in ystanbul.
"They were traveling to Salab area of the district to respond to a militants' attack on an Afghan Local Police (ALP) checkpoint, " it said.
In March 2012, with the pending departure of the oldest ALP at Llandudno imminent, the authority decided to locate the three remaining ALPs at Bangor, Rhyl and Wrexham, despite protests from hoteliers and councillors in Llandudno.
Only founded in 2010, the ALP is tasked with community-level policing to suppress violence in some of Afghanistan's most dangerous and remote areas, and despite its many opponents it has had some success.