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alkaline phosphatase.

alkaline phosphatase test (ALP)

a blood test used to determine a variety of liver and bone disorders such as extrahepatic and intrahepatic obstructive biliary disease, cirrhosis, hepatic tumors, hepatotoxic drugs, hepatitis, osteoblastic metastatic tumors, Paget's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and hyperparathyroidism.

ambulance loading post

A point in the forward combat area where sick and wounded personnel are loaded into ambulances for transportation to a clearing station or a hospital.


alkaline phosphatase.
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More importantly, it convinced us and the manufacturing folks that ALP could be an effective tool for addressing other operating problems.
Samples from subjects on or off bisphosphonate or calcitonin therapy were included in the methods correlation (n = 51) and liver ALP reactivity studies (n = 35), whereas only samples from subjects off therapy were included in the bone metabolism study (n = 90).
Age-specific reference intervals for total ALP (plate method), b-ALP, and nonbone ALP in healthy Chinese men and women.
The MoI had sought US support for 45,000 ALP members, but the request was declined.
The lowest mean fasting value of ALP was observed in blood group O and the highest in blood group B.
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The enemy has declared the ALP their number-one threat," Colonel Don Bolduc, who is in charge of the training project for the US military, told AFP.
coli ALP are not widely reported in literature, we wanted to carry out a detailed in vitro study looking at how [Hg.
Labor's Conflict also argues the ALP is more distant from workers organisationally than at any time in its history.
ALP combines the best-in-class open source Linux components with proven mobile technologies from PalmSource and ACCESS.
These can be separated by electrophoresis and differ in their resistance to heat inactivation, with placental and tumorassociated ALP being the most resistant.
At the time of A's death, the value of ALP partnership assets was approximately $2.