alopecia prematura

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pre·ma·ture al·o·pe·ci·a

, alopecia prematura
male pattern baldness appearing at an unusually early age.

pre·ma·ture alo·pe·ci·a

, alopecia prematura (prēmă-chūr alō-pēshē-ă, pre-mă-tūră)
Male pattern baldness appearing at an unusually early age.


(al?o-pe'sh(e-)a ) [Gr. alopekia, fox mange]
Absence or loss of hair, esp. of the head.


Alopecia may result from serious illness, drugs, endocrine disorders, dermatitis, hereditary factors, radiation, or physiological changes during aging.


Treatments include drugs, such as minoxidil or finasteride; surgeries, such as hair transplantation; or prostheses (wigs).

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alopecia areata

Loss of hair in sharply defined patches usually involving the scalp or beard.
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alopecia capitis totalis

Complete or near complete loss of hair on the scalp. See: illustration

cicatricial alopecia

Loss of hair due to formation of scar tissue.

alopecia congenitalis

Baldness due to absence of hair bulbs at birth.

alopecia follicularis

Baldness due to inflammation of the hair follicles of the scalp.

alopecia liminaris

Loss of hair along the hairline, both front and back, of the scalp.

male-pattern alopecia

Male-pattern baldness.

alopecia medicamentosa

Loss of hair as a result of medical treatment, esp. treatment with drugs used in chemotherapy for cancer.

alopecia pityroides

Loss of both scalp and body hair accompanied by desquamation of branlike scales.

alopecia prematura

Premature baldness.

alopecia symptomatica

Loss of hair after prolonged fevers or during the course of a disease. This baldness may be due to systemic or psychogenic factors.

alopecia totalis

Alopecia capitis totalis.

alopecia toxica

Loss of hair thought to be due to toxins of infectious disease.

alopecia universalis

Loss of hair from the entire body.