follicular mucinosis

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a state with abnormal deposits of mucin in the skin, often associated with hypothyroidism (myxedema).
follicular mucinosis a disease of the pilosebaceous unit, presenting clinically as grouped follicular papules or plaques with associated hair loss, caused by mucinous infiltration of tissues, and usually involving the scalp, face, and neck. It may be primary (idiopathic), occurring most often in children, or it may be secondary to mycosis fungoides or reticulosis.
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fol·lic·u·lar mu·ci·no·sis

a relatively uncommon benign eruption of discrete erythematous lesions progressing to alopecia on the face or scalp, usually in young people, in which there are cystic mucinous changes in the epithelium of hair follicles in the involved area; may also develop in mycosis fungoides.
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follicular mucinosis

A disorder of the pilosebaceous unit, which presents clinically as clusters of follicular papules or plaques with associated hair loss. It is caused by mucinous infiltration of tissues, and usually involves the scalp, face, and neck.

Idiopathic or linked to mycosis fungoides or pagetoid reticulosis.

Alopecia, systemic lupus ethythematosus.
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Hermann Karl Benno, German-U.S. dermatologist, 1905-1985.
Pinkus disease - boggy plaque in which degenerating hair follicles contain pools of mucin. Synonym(s): alopecia mucinosa; follicular mucinosis; mucinous alopecia
Pinkus epithelioma - Synonym(s): Pinkus fibroepithelioma
Pinkus fibroepithelioma - a pedunculated, dome-shaped tumor, considered to be a form of basal cell carcinoma. Synonym(s): Pinkus epithelioma; premalignant fibroepithelioma
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