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almond oil
used topically as an emollient.
almond shells
causes abomasal impaction in stall-fed cattle where the shells are added to the ration as a roughage supplement.

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Q. how many 1. calories 2. good vs bad fat 3. protein does 1 cup of whole milk have compared to 1 cup of almonds?

A. Each almond has 7 calories. A cup of almonds has 680 calories, Total Fat: 60g, out of which 3.9g are Saturated Fat (=bad fat), Carbs: 24g, Protein: 24g.
1 cup of 2% milk has 130 calories, Total Fat: 5g, out of which 3g are Saturated Fat (=bad fat), Carbs: 13g, Protein: 8g.
Here is the nutrition value of different kinds of milk as well:

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Mello also cited the excellent job its growers and almond huller-sheller, Paddack Hulling & Shelling, does to deliver exceptionally clean, shelled, extra-light[TM] and pristine non-chipped and non-scratched almonds as an important factor in recent quality awards it has received.
Once the cake has cooled, remove it from the tin and cover again in tin foil, until you're ready to apply almond paste.
2 Fold in the flour and ground almonds and then stir in the almond extract.
In a few days after its arrival in TCBY stores across the United States, Silk[R] Chocolate Almond already had sold out in many locations, according to a TCBY Retail Customer Service Specialist.
Blue Diamond, a cooperative owned by over half of California's almond growers, expects to increase new almond product sales growth five-fold over the next five years, say company officials.
Speaking to mediapersons here, the owner of an almond orchard, Abdul Rasheed, said production of almonds has increased by 20 to 30 percent in the current year.
After six months, the almond eaters had lost slightly less weight (12 vs.
The new study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and supported by the Almond Board of California, involved 123 generally healthy but obese people who followed a calorie-controlled diet for 18 months.
That's according to USDA-ARS scientists who have developed an almond pasteurizing technique which they refer to as "sequential infrared and hot air processing.
Summary: The almond trees of the valleys of the Sorat region in the Baha Province are ready for harvesting at the end of winter season.
Most good almond pastes derive their flavour from a blend of almond and apricot kernels.
Their goal in 1910 was straightforward and vital to growers: to bring order and prosperity to a chaotic and often unprofitable almond market.