pimenta oil

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pi·men·ta oil

comprises 3-4.5% of the dried fruit.
Synonym(s): allspice oil
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It is important to note that although the percentage of allspice oil extraction increased with increasing temperature and pressure, the effect of temperature on the apparent solubility of allspice oil is not as prominent as the effect of pressure due to an increase in temperature; this causes an increase in solute vapor pressure but decreases the density of supercritical carbon dioxide [33].
Increasing the temperature increases the diffusivity of the allspice oil through the solid matrix into the fluid; this phenomenon is reflected in the decrease of distribution coefficient.
However, allspice oil quality obtained at elevated temperatures is inferior, due to loss of volatile compounds.
Small values of the diffusion coefficient are because the main components of allspice oil (eugenol and methyleugenol) are polar compounds.