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Making all allowance for the follies that men committed every day in their relations with women, Montbarry's delusion was still the most monstrous delusion on record.
Ah, yes, I understand," said the King; "you have been promoted and given increased pay and allowances.
We must make allowances for a man who suffers under Dexter's infirmities, and lives Dexter's life.
With respect to the distinct species of the same genus, which on my theory must have spread from one parent-source; if we make the same allowances as before for our ignorance, and remember that some forms of life change most slowly, enormous periods of time being thus granted for their migration, I do not think that the difficulties are insuperable; though they often are in this case, and in that of the individuals of the same species, extremely grave.
He had made allowances for her, but the ideal girl would have had no need of allowances.
Sir," he said gravely, "there are great allowances to be made for a man who has not read ROBINSON CRUSOE since he was a child.
Here, too, the slaves of all the other farms received their monthly allowance of food, and their yearly clothing.
She was perfectly disposed to make every allowance for the colonel's advanced state of life which humanity required.
Or if the manager, in any month, delay for more than a fortnight the payment of the allowance which he shall make to the Opera ghost, an allowance of twenty thousand francs a month, say two hundred and forty thousand francs a year.
The chief officers and persons of note carry their own provisions with them, which I did too, though I afterwards found the precaution unnecessary, for I had often two or three cows more than I wanted, which I bestowed on those whose allowance fell short.
The salaries of judicial officers may from time to time be altered, as occasion shall require, yet so as never to lessen the allowance with which any particular judge comes into office, in respect to him.
If I had a proper allowance, like other fellows of my age, this would have been quite unnecessary.