allowable expenses

allowable expenses, the dollar amounts allowable for each dental procedure covered by a dental insurance policy.
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Be sure to claim all your allowances and any allowable expenses and deductions.
The surrogate can't be paid but Anne was given legally allowable expenses for carrying the triplets.
Not out of his own pocket, of course, but from the gravy boat of MPs' allowable expenses.
1831(c) looks at the gross income from the activity, less the allowable expenses without regard to any potential disallowance under Sec.
Under the new law, 100% of all production costs can be deducted as allowable expenses in the first year of expenditure.
An investigation showed eight per cent of free legal aid claimants did not provide evidence of entitlement while 52per cent of applicants not claiming free legal aid gave no evidence of allowable expenses.
In contrast, total revenues for the first quarter of 2000 consisted of reimbursement to Cypress by Fresenius of its allowable expenses under the original agreement, as no profits were realized by the partnership during the period.
The revenue procedures are elective provisions that provide deemed substantiation in lieu of actual substantiation of the drivers' precise travel expenses--"[u]se of a method described in this revenue procedure is not mandatory and a taxpayer may use actual allowable expenses if the taxpayer maintains adequate records or other sufficient evidence for proper substantiation.
It's essential to electronically validate purchases quickly and efficiently," Natt said, "especially as the range of allowable expenses, such as for over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, has increased dramatically.
Under the terms of the agreement with Fresenius, Cypress recorded operating revenues in the second and third quarter of 1999 based on a pro rata share of the sale of PROSORBA columns by FHT calculated as a ratio of allowable expenses incurred by Cypress compared to allowable expenses incurred by Cypress and Fresenius.
Beginning for educational expenses paid in 2002, the amount of your K-12 Education Credit is limited to 75 percent of allowable expenses.
The IRS must value assets, verify income-earning potential and compute allowable expenses.