allowable benefits

allowable benefits, necessary, reasonable, and customary items of service or treatments covered in whole or in part under an insurance plan.
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Truly maximizing the intended and allowable benefits from the IC-DISC does require a more in depth calculation, but may not take much more time.
There is no cost associated with this service and a VA accredited specialists will work with any Veteran or widow(er) of a Veteran, in obtaining their allowable benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Most of our 16,000 fuel assistance households have exhausted their allowable benefits.
ProCare Rx will provide support to large MCOs, Insurance Companies and other business partners by offering better, faster, cheaper and customized systems and services to fulfill claims processing of the different allowable benefits, beneficiary True-Out-of-Pocket expenses (TrOOP) tracking, Dual Eligibles coordination, real-time Low Income Subsidy (LIS) reimbursement tracking, all reporting requirements, MTM qualifying Population Health Management programs, and all other current and future CMS requirements.
LIPA works hard to find cost savings and to approve the most clinically efficient options that fit within the allowable benefits.