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tr.v. allotrans·planted, allotrans·planting, allotrans·plants
To transfer (an organ or body tissue) between two genetically different individuals belonging to the same species.
An organ or tissue transferred between genetically different individuals of the same species.

al′lo·trans′plan·ta′tion n.


(al″ō-trans″plan″tā′shŏn) [ allo- + transplantation]
Grafting or transplantation of tissue from one individual into another of the same species.
allotransplant (-trans′plant″)
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Their main task is to provide sufficient quantities of clinically safe bone and ligamentous allotransplants having adequate biological and biomechanical qualities essential for their clinical implementation [28].
By establishing the bone bank, bone and ligamentous allotransplants, both from cadaver donors (within transplant program) and alive donors (head of the femur after arthroplasty procedures to hip joint), have been applied for the last 8 years.
Silber said that he believes the appeal of this more patient-friendly ovarian transplantation could be wide reaching, extending beyond autotransplants for chemotherapy patients and even beyond allotransplants for patients with premature ovarian failure.
He has already had requests from general infertility patients for allotransplants as an alternative to egg donation.
Unlike allotransplants (human organ transplants), individuals that undergo xenotransplants would be required to consent to lifelong xenozoonosis surveillance.
Additional kidney allotransplants to the groins of patients ended in only short-term success until a tiny ray of Mendelian science entered the picture.