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tr.v. allotrans·planted, allotrans·planting, allotrans·plants
To transfer (an organ or body tissue) between two genetically different individuals belonging to the same species.
An organ or tissue transferred between genetically different individuals of the same species.

al′lo·trans′plan·ta′tion n.


(al″ō-trans″plan″tā′shŏn) [ allo- + transplantation]
Grafting or transplantation of tissue from one individual into another of the same species.
allotransplant (-trans′plant″)
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The majority of adult stem cells used for the treatment of ALS and SMA are autologous, only one stem cells-based product is allotransplant.
If the effects of TGF-b can be inhibited, it may be possible to create a more efficient CD8 cells and thus increase the GVT effect during allotransplant in breast cancer.
Simmons tackles the standard topics of abortion, euthanasia, and stem-cell research, but he also includes chapters on artificial hearts and cyborgs, the ethics of composite tissue allotransplants, and the demonic and medicine.