Exposure to an alloantigen that induces immunologic memory cells.
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This finding is in agreement with previous reports that RBC allosensitization is more likely in patients with increased frequency of blood transfusion [3436].
The potential advantage of these cells over other stem cell types studied to date is that they are immunoprivileged and thus do not cause the activation of immune response and allosensitization, which enables them to be used in an allogeneic setting.
Ricordi et al., "Allosensitization of islet allograft recipients," Transplantation, vol.
RH variant alleles may encode Rh proteins with amino acid changes that cannot be distinguished with common serologic reagents (eg, V, VS, Goa) but can result in allosensitization upon exposure in an individual lacking the variant allele.
This leads to the formation of neovessels and neolymphatics, which further facilitate the trafficking of mature APCs to the cornea and to draining lymph nodes, where priming of naive T cells or allosensitization occurs [8].
--decreased rate of immunization and allosensitization (10 percent vs 30 percent in controls)
Additionally, frequent blood transfusions increased the patient's risk for allosensitization and decreased the chances for identifying a matched donor kidney (Eady, 2008).
Patients have a lifelong tendency toward bleeding and chronic anemia with increased risk for blood transfusion due to hepatitis or allosensitization.
Re-transplantation occurs in up to 25% of patients requiring renal replacement therapy.[sup.14] This paper highlights the importance of minimizing the extent of allosensitization in renal transplant patients to not only maximize the lifespan of the allograft, but also to abrogate the potentially detrimental immunological effects of a failed graft on re-transplantability.
*There is insufficient evidence to conclude that the presence of B and/or T cell allosensitization (e.g.
Transfusion is poorly immunogenic [62], and multiple transfusions are required to induce persistent HLA allosensitization [67].