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An aldohexose. d-Allose is epimeric with d-glucose.
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The result indicated that Fr-I was mainly composed of mannose (21.89 %), galactose (16.07 %) and ribose (14.28 %), while Fr-II was mainly composed of galactose (21.19 %), glucose (18.43 %), allose (14.18 %) and mannose (14.07 %).
Actually, though, Odysseus continues to speak for an additional dozen or so lines, after a group of references to the idea of the bed being moved (allose at 23.184 and alle*i at 23.186, both meaning "elsewhere," and metochlisseie "move with a lever or crowbar" at 23.188), before Homer describes Penelope's reaction as follows:
The receptacle is described as "appearing in diverse aspects" (pantodapen men idein phainesthai) (52el) because the elemental "powers" are "neither similar nor equally balanced" (meth' homoion dunameon mete isorropon) (52e2), the "most dissimilar kinds" (ta men anomoiotata pleiston) (53a4) being "separated out and carried in different directions" (ta de kinoumena alla allose aei pheresthai diakrinomena) (52e5-6), "so that the different kinds were occupying different spaces" (dio de kai choran tauta alla allen ischein) (53a67).