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Relating to allopathy.
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Relating to allopathy.
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(ă″lop′ă-thē) [ allo- + -pathy]
1. A system of treating disease by inducing a pathological reaction antagonistic to the disease being treated.
2. A term erroneously used for the regular practice of medicine to differentiate it from homeopathy.
allopathic (al″ŏ-path′ik), adjectiveallopathically (al″ŏ-path′ik(ă-)lē)
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Pertaining to conventional medical treatment of disease symptoms that uses substances or techniques to oppose or suppress the symptoms.
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About the effectiveness of Allopathic doctor on rating scale, 45 participants (13.9%) regarded them as Excellent, while 82 (25.4%) valued as Good, 56 (17.3%) Fair, 112 (34.7%) Satisfactory and 28 (8.7%) ranked as Poor.
allopathic graduates that apply to each specialty each year, determining the overall response rate to our survey invitation is not possible.
Given the rising demand for pharmaceutical products both in the local and international markets, and the fact that Bhutan has been importing all allopathic drugs from outside, Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) took the initiative not only to curb import but also to promote Brand Bhutan in a global market through export of locally manufactured, quality pharmaceutical products.
As a solution, a combination of suitable therapies, designed by mainstream (allopathic) and non-mainstream medical experts, could be offered for each individual.
Due to such expenditures and regardless of the type of disease, there must be a fair comparison of allopathic and herbal medicine to switch onto the preferred therapy.
We hypothesized that herbal and other alternative medicine use is common among Tanzanians hospitalized with hypertension-related diseases and is associated with nonadherence to allopathic medicines.
To bring greater awareness of the scientific principles underlying Ayurvedic Medicine and make a comparative study of physiology and pathology from an Ayurvedic and allopathic perspective.
As per details, Drug inspector Hafiz Ibrar Khan and Auranzeb were also present and participated in the raid and checked those Hakeem clinics who were using steroid in their medicines and sealed their clinics apart from this other bogus Allopathic and homeopathic clinics were also sealed in the district.
allopathic seniors who registered for the Match this year, 18,187 submitted program choices and 17,057 matched to first-year positions.
Yes, this is a radical change in allopathic care, but the developing research is conclusive.
OBJECTIVE: This study compared the correlation between chiropractic and allopathic classroom hours of neuroscience in relation to patterns of diagnosis for patients with headaches or migraines.
Allopathy was the preferred therapy, and owing to the availability factor, quacks were approached as the first choice, who were later replaced by allopathic doctors (MBBS) in the third stage of health-care resource choice.