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Allium sativum (family Liliaceae), its bulb contains up to 0.9% of volatile irritating oil with antiseptic action; has been used as a diaphoretic, diuretic, and expectorant.
Synonym(s): garlic


a genus of plants belonging to the Liliaceae family; contain N-propyl-disulfide. A constant heavy diet of many species causes severe hemolytic anemia. Includes A. ameloprasm (wild onion), A. canadense (wild onion), A. cepa (cultivated onion), A. sativum (garlic), A. schoenprasm (chives), A. triquetrum (three-cornered garlic), A. ursinum (wild garlic), A. validum (wild onion), A. vineale (false garlic).
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Another recipe is made from Olax subscorpioidea, Chasmanthera dependens, Calliandra portoricensis (Tude), Mimosa pigra, Securidaca longipedunculata (Ipeta in Yoruba), Crinum jagus, Allium ascalonicum and Tetrapleura tetraptera that are also soaked in water.
ALLIUMS are such stars their flamboyant flowers will fit into every scheme, from wild meadows to space-age theatre sets and containers.
For a bold look, try alliums The giant lollipop flowers of alliums provide a brilliant accent in the border.
The spontaneous alternation neurobehavioural test result showed that the 156 mg/kg Allium sativum group had a significantly (P < 0.
Heat stable antimicrobial activity of Allium ascalonicum against bacteria and fungi.
And, one final suggestion: "To reap the most benefit from your alliums, they should be allowed to sit for at least 10 minutes after chopping, slicing, or mincing to allow the allicin compound to become stable before heating," advises Landman.
La importancia del Allium cepa test radica en que es un excelente modelo de ensayo in vivo, donde es posible evaluar el dano producido por una sustancia o solucion de interes sobre el crecimiento de las raices y sobre el ADN vegetal.
Instead, Allium offers other choices: Snake River Farms Black Wagyu Boneless Striploin (P825/100 grams); Creekstone Farms Prime Bonein Ribeye (P475/100 grams); Newport CAB Dry Aged Prime BoneIn Ribeye (P775/100 grams); Jack's Creek Chilled Boneless Wagyu Ribeye (P825/100 grams); and O'Connor Premium Grass Fed Boneless Ribeye (P525/100 grams).
Bulbs of Allium cepa (onion) were collected from a local market in Dhaka city, Bangladesh during June 2013.