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For anyone interested in alliteration, a major challenge is to compose lengthy alliterations, especially ones that do not use the same word more than once.
Both alliteration and onomatopoeia have been used in this verse:
Weaknesses in the poem are few, as when Page's penchant for alliteration reaches ponderous proportions; for example, she panegyrizes "freshets and freakish flash floods" (section VI).
Not only great for letter recognition, but also for vocabulary building, and alliteration skills.
Unfortunately, "purest profundity" is not a particularly egregious example of the author's ready recourse to arid alliteration, nor is "allergic/allegory/attacks" an isolated instance of acerbating assonance (please pardon the parody).
One of V's favorite phrases - what with the ``v'' alliteration - it comes from Christopher Marlowe's ``The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus.
DeCristofano tries to explain complex concepts and be clever with alliteration in her prose.
English-speaking children demonstrated significant Time x Class effects for alliteration and rhyming.
Alliteration is a favorite fancy of feuilletonist Ryann Connell.
Hebrew poetry may be the poetry that survives best in translation because, while there is alliteration and other poetic devices, the primary poetic force is thought rhyme, first noted by Bishop Lowth (also Professor of Poetry at Oxford) in the eighteenth century.
People consistently tried to work off of the name's English translation ("The Duvel is the Devil"), alliteration ("Duvel Dares"), rhyming ("Duvel will move you"), etc.