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Oscar Huntington, U.S. surgeon, 1836-1921. See: Allis forceps.
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When the Bauers had trouble with pieces of large Allis equipment, they had a handyman who would come work on them.
Allis Company merges with Fraser & Chalmers to form Allis-Chalmers Company, based in Milwaukee.
Also during NPHW, the West Allis Health Department hosted a drawing for a family activity basket, which was filled with items such as balls, jump rope, a water bottle, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a Frisbee and much more.
Of almost twenty works of Browning that inspired Bantock over the years, Allis considers several vocal and piano pieces under the concept of musical "voice" as it makes manifest the dramatic-monologue approach for which Browning was so well known.
Allis partly attributes the disagreements, and Bridges ultimate disillusionment and publication of an alternative version of the poem in 1896, to misgivings about Pam's declamatory approach to text setting.
Not only was Jones Balers set to launch its combine harvester, Allis Chalmers had the idea and the patent for a round baler.
I DON'T really understand the letter by Gino Roberts (August 3) re Peter Allis and his so called dreary, snobbish chat about all things except golf.
CASE FACTS: Christy Allis (Allis) brought a medical malpractice suit against Dr.
Grulke, owner of Big Dave's Service in West Allis, has been a member of the CMA since 2005.
Firms in the field in Taiwan include Teco Group, Tatung Co., Allis Electric Corp., Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp., Fortune Electric Corp., Chugn Hsin Electric & Machinery Mfg.
"People remember it fondly, and the Allis brand still has a significant following."
Camera (color), Allis; music, Paul Hogan; sound (stereo), Allis; sound designer, Hogan; re-recording mixers, Brett Graves, Andy Solomon, Mike Barrett; graphic designer, Lisa Kwon.