alligator skin

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Congenital disorders of keratinization characterized by noninflammatory dryness and scaling of the skin, often associated with other defects and with abnormalities of lipid metabolism; distinguishable genetically, clinically, microscopically, and by epidermal cell kinetics.
[ichthyo- + G. -osis, condition]
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(1) Ichthyosis

(2) Ichthyosiform dermatosis
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alligator skin

Severe scaling of the skin with formation of thick plates resembling the hide of an alligator. See: ichthyosis
See also: skin
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The agency has registered 75 ranching operations that produce alligator skins and some of them already have started exports of the product.
Teresa Summers of LSU is that, "They need to get the message out that alligator skin is a renewable and sustainable resource."
This spring, Burberry, which made a third of its pounds 450 million of sales from accessories in the first half to the end of September, will sell a handbag called Warrior in golden alligator skin for pounds 13,000.
People variously compared samples to alligator skin and horse meat, but the horse meat comment was just ignorant.
The logo of the sportswear company,an alligator,came from Mr Lacoste's nickname after he made a bet with an American player over a game, with the prize being an alligator skin suitcase.
Converted by the enterprising Jak from a former alligator skin warehouse, it was a mould- breaking shindig palace.
The display will in-clude zebra skins, ivory, stuffed crocodiles and alligator skin handbags, all of which had been seized by custom officers.
* wrinkles such as elephant skin, crow's feet or alligator skin;
Melt fracturing makes "alligator skin" on a bottle surface.
The snapper turtles, which have a hard a leather-like shell that looks like alligator skin, "are four inches long at the minute but will grow to be monstrous and could quite easily remove a limb".
Bryant Park Belts offers plenty of genuine leather belts for all kinds of occasions, from formal belts for weddings and bar mitzvahs to exotic alligator skin belts for those special parties where you want to stand out.
This iPhone 4S is enveloped in freshwater alligator skin and specially treated with sprinkle of gold dust.