allergenic extract

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a concentrated preparation of a vegetable or animal drug.
allergenic extract an extract of allergenic components from a crude preparation of an allergen, such as weed, grass, or tree pollen, molds, house dust, or animal dander, used for diagnostic skin testing or for immunotherapy for allergy.
cell-free extract the solution obtained by rupturing cells and removing all particulate matter.
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al·ler·gen·ic ex·tract

extract (usually containing protein) from various sources, for example, pollen, dust, mold, insect venom, food, containing the immunogenic or allergenic compounds; may be used for skin testing or desensitization.
Synonym(s): allergic extract
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al·ler·gen·ic ex·tract

(al'ĕr-jen'ik eks'trakt)
Extract (usually containing protein) from various sources (e.g., food, bacteria, pollen) suspected of stimulating manifestations of allergy; may be used for skin testing or desensitization.
Synonym(s): allergic extract.
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Most dermatologist favours the use of allergic extracts from Greer Laboratories, USA and some from Hal and Artu Laboratories, Netherlands.