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Efficacy and tolerability of anti-immunoglobnlin E therapy with omalizumab in patients with poorly controlled (moderate-to-severe) allergic asthma. Allergy.
Frequency of allergic asthma in our patients was 57.2% and HDM was the main inhalant allergen causing the highest sensitisation in 35(33.1%) patients, which is in accordance with other regional and international studies.
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* The report reviews key players involved in the therapeutics development for Allergic Asthma and enlists all their major and minor projects
Allergic asthma symptoms include wheezing and persistent cough, especially at night or early morning, triggered by mould spores, pollen and dust.
A common blood-clotting protein turns out to play a role in allergic asthma. The protein interacts with better-known immune system players, providing a missing piece of the biological puzzle underlying such respiratory attacks.
Rashid Ahmed Khan expressed his concern over increasing allergic asthma disease in Hyderabad in an interview with reporter on Tuesday.
Allergic asthma: Asthma symptoms may flare following exposure to allergens such as cat or dog dander or to outdoor pollen during the spring and fall.