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The state held in common by alleles.
Synonym(s): allelomorphism
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In addition, the allelism test applied to the cross AND277 x G5686 had a segregation ratio of 63R:1S, which exhibited the action of three dominant genes that confer resistance to pathotype 61:39.
Medullary cystic kidney disease with hyperuricemia and gout in a large Cypriot family: no allelism with nephronophthisis type 1.
Allelism of blast resistance genes in near-isogenic lines of rice.
Margaret Nordlie, University of Mary 1:00 Welcome and Overview 1:10 "An allelism test for species cytoplasmic specific (scs) genes." Sarah Gehlhar *, SF Kianian, SS Maan, and KJ Simons, Department of Plant Sciences, North Dakota State University, Fargo.
However, a cross of the two mutants produced wild type progeny, ruling out allelism and furnishing information that SS-18 and SS-462 were not linked.
Allelism between bands is not known without complex segregation analysis, and the pattern is treated as a multicharacter phenotype.
Allelism of factors affecting quantitative variation in bristle number to candidate loci in Drosophila melanogaster.
The data are voluminous, and our opportunity to deal with them here quite limited, so we present a highly summarized snapshot of par allelism in Figure 1.(3) The figure contains independently estimated issue tracks for the domains of education, welfare, racial equality, health, and urban problems, a reasonably complete canvas of the extended New Deal issue domain.
However, further studies of allelism tests and analyses of molecular markers are necessary to confirm whether the genes are allelic or at different loci.
The resulting heterozygote progeny, (lo)[scs.sup.t], [scs.sup.d], were then crossed to normal durum (56-1) to create a segregating population (2) which can be used to determine allelism between the two genes.
Several of the available DNA techniques (e.g., rDNA, minisatellites) lack clear allelism (i.e., bands cannot be assigned to a particular locus), and with most RAPD markers, loci can clearly be identified but heterozygous genotypes cannot be discriminated.