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Relating to an allele.
Synonym(s): allelomorphic
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Relating to an allele.
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(a-lel') (a-lel') [Gr. allelon, of one another]
Any of two or more different genes containing specific inheritable characteristics that occupy corresponding loci on paired chromosomes. A pair of alleles is usually indicated by a capital letter for the dominant and a lowercase letter for the recessive. An individual with a pair of identical alleles, either dominant or recessive, is said to be homozygous for this gene. The union of a dominant gene and its recessive allele produces a heterozygous individual for that characteristic. Some traits may have more than two alleles, but an individual has only two of them. For example, the genes for blood type, A, B, and O, are at the same position on the chromosome pair, but an individual has only two of these genes, which may be the same or different. Synonym: allelic gene; allelomorphallelic (a-lel'ik), adjective

histocompatibility allele

Any of many different forms of the histocompatibility gene. Each allele creates specific antigenic markers on the surface of cells.
See: histocompatibility locus antigen

intermediate allele


prothrombin 20210A allele

A guanine-to-adenine substitution at nucleotide 20210 in the prothrombin gene that increases the risk for venous clotting. The gene is usually found in people of European ancestry.
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Certain mismatches as, for example, position 156 in the [B.sup.*] 44 allelic group have been studied extensively; clinical data [21] as well as in vitro data [12, 22-24] are available.
After the PCR assay, the classification of the alleles was done according to the number and size of fragments and the allelic family (Figure 2).
The allelic variants ranged between 450 and 1,000 bp, and most samples exhibited the 700 bp sized fragment (58.1%), followed by the 600 (16.2%) and 800 (14.5%) bp fragments (Fig.
The TDT for allelic association between SNPs and schizophrenia Total SNPs Transmitted ([dagger]) [chi square] p-value rs40876 1.607 0.205 G=34 T=27 rs10249427 1.235 0.267 C=76 T=86 rs2396001 0.962 0.327 C=99 T=109 Male SNPs Transmitted ([dagger]) [chi square] p-value rs40876 4.667 0.031 * G=28 T=14 rs10249427 1.719 0.190 C=50 T=64 rs2396001 3.270 0.071 C=63 T=85 Female SNPs Transmitted ([dagger]) [chi square] p-value rs40876 2.579 0.108 G=6 T=13 rs10249427 0.333 0.564 C=26 T=22 rs2396001 2.400 0.121 C=36 T=24 TDT = transmission disequilibrium test; SNPs = single nucleotide polymorphisms.
Neither the allelic composition and distribution of vernalization sensitivity loci have been characterized, nor it is clear as to how such allelic variations contribute to the overall adaptation of the country's barley germplasm through the adjustment of flowering time.
Other reagents of this Kit: AmpFlSTR" PCR Reaction Mix, AmpliTaq Gold" DNA Polymerase and AmpFlSTR" Identifiler[TM] Allelic Ladder used on 15[micro]L as a master mix shown to be enough for amplification of samples with concentration 4 ng/25[micro]L without any problem for inhibition by the template.
The composition of HMW-GS differs between cultivars with allelic variation (Shewry et al., 2003).
Although both HMS and PLS share the common pathogenomic features of PPK and severe periodontitis6,7 and are allelic variants of cathepsin C gene mutations6,8, a number of additional findings are reported in HMS including onychogryphosis (curved nails), arachnodactyly (spider fingers/ elongated and slender shaped fingers and toes), acro-osteolysis (tappered pointed distal phalangeal ends due to osteolysis), pes planus (flat foot), occasionally hyperkeratotic psorisiform lesions with an erythematous background on the extensor surfaces of elbows and knees9,10,11,12 and rarely destructive arthritis of the wrists and shoulder joints.13
Allelic variations of the VDR gene have been associated to several conditions.
The effect of allelic interactions is evident from the wide variation in risk depending on parental history of sudden death.
The topics include mining interactions between proteins from published literature using Linguamatics 12E, profiling protein interaction networks with functional protein microarrays, the manual annotation of protein interactions, prioritizing genes for pathway impact using network analysis, kinetic modeling as a tool for integrating multilevel dynamic experimental data, high-throughput siRNA screening as a method of perturbing biological systems and identifying targeted pathways coupled with compound screening, pathway and network analysis with high-density allelic association data, and translational research and biomedical informatics.