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Relating to an allele.
Synonym(s): allelomorphic


Relating to an allele.


(a-lel') (a-lel') [Gr. allelon, of one another]
Any of two or more different genes containing specific inheritable characteristics that occupy corresponding loci on paired chromosomes. A pair of alleles is usually indicated by a capital letter for the dominant and a lowercase letter for the recessive. An individual with a pair of identical alleles, either dominant or recessive, is said to be homozygous for this gene. The union of a dominant gene and its recessive allele produces a heterozygous individual for that characteristic. Some traits may have more than two alleles, but an individual has only two of them. For example, the genes for blood type, A, B, and O, are at the same position on the chromosome pair, but an individual has only two of these genes, which may be the same or different. Synonym: allelic gene; allelomorphallelic (a-lel'ik), adjective

histocompatibility allele

Any of many different forms of the histocompatibility gene. Each allele creates specific antigenic markers on the surface of cells.
See: histocompatibility locus antigen

intermediate allele


prothrombin 20210A allele

A guanine-to-adenine substitution at nucleotide 20210 in the prothrombin gene that increases the risk for venous clotting. The gene is usually found in people of European ancestry.
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Similarly in PS-Pop-1-1-4 x BD-Pop-1-2-3-3 and PS-Pop-1-1-4 x BD-Pop-2-1-2 dominance and duplicate type of non- allelic gene action were found responsible in controlling inheritance of ear height.
Temporal Effects on Progeny in the ASDM Colony; Allelic Variation--Numbers of alleles ranged from a low of one in Sauro 2A5 in the 2004 progeny to a high of seven in the 1993 colony for Sauro 10H2 (Table 2).
The allelic differences observed are consistent with slow, spontaneous mutation occurring over a long period due to persistent contamination.
The human serotonin transporter gene linked polymorphism ( 5-HTTLPR ) shows ten novel allelic variants.
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