all or none

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Bow·ditch law

consistently total response to any effective stimulus.
Synonym(s): all or none law
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adjective Referring to a reaction that either occurs completely (e.g., a depolarisation (beat) of the heart) or not at all.
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Q. Where do i start???? i weight around 264 pounds ... and i tried many kinds of diets but none was helpful i am 35 years old ... i am 6 foot tall .. i know it isn't healthy and my weight is a great deal to my health and i am under the risk of heart problems and other things that aren't that simple to hear and compete .. but i really do try and i really would like to drop my weight a much as i can to an healthy and more desirable numbers ... how do i start ? where do i start ? how do i choose the right diet for me ?

A. Your wish to lose weight is already a good start. The first steps you can do on your own - try to take a look at your life style and recognize the things that lead you to eat more than necessary (e.g. having available snacks in the kitchen, serving high calorie-refreshments, no regular meal schedule etc.) and exercise less. Changing these things may remove some of the obstacles toward losing weight. Weight reduction is a subject too vast for this answer form, so you may want to read more (e.g. here:

In addition, consulting a professional (e.g. physician or a dietitian) may also be helpful.

Good luck!

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