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Just as, to the bourgeois, the disappearance of class property is the disappearance of production itself, so the disappearance of class culture is to him identical with the disappearance of all culture.
First, they claim all cultures are equal in value and have an equal right to flourish flee from external constraints; and second, the greater good of humanity is best served by people living within or directly experiencing as many different cultures as possible.
Crises are universal in nature and affect people from all cultures.
All cultures taken from the donor and the graft were without growth (although this did not exclude the graft as the source of infection), and no reports of disease transmission were received from any other recipients of organs from this donor.
When training teachers from other cultures and preparing teachers for multicultural music studios and classrooms, one must question whether the theories shaping our approach to teaching are valid for all cultures or are specific for European and American cultures.
All cultures were maintained under standard conditions for 10 days, and the time necessary for each of the cultures to reach confluence was recorded.
Donald Griffin (Olin): We've lasted a long time, I believe, because of the value system we have established, which goes across all cultures in the United States and foreign countries where we operate.
In this vision of the world, not only are all people created equal but so are all ideas and all cultures," the antithesis of artistic discrimination.
In contrast, the terms "independence" and "interdependence" were selected by Markus & Kitayama (1991) to represent diverging views of self that are often related to and/or derived from the above cultural views, but which may vary among individuals in all cultures.
You are almost invited naturally to check your own culture, because all cultures are human products and therefore all the cultures are limited.
A nonprofit organization providing no-cost educational resources on indigenous cultures, Redbird's goal is to promote respect and understanding among all cultures, while networking within the native and non-native communities for the benefit of both.
true judgments of value of different works would place all cultures more or less on the same footing.